Problem solving, flexibility and vision. Thanks to the extensive field experience in the automotive and automation industry we have gained over the years, G.Engineering offers an unprecedented solution by optimizing the overall project performance in effective and timely manner.

Constantly growing
since 2012

From a single-brand provider
to a partner of choice for corporate giants.

G.Engineering was founded in 2012 as a small enterprise focused on automotive engineering design and has grown rapidly since then. By conducting research and making new investments, the range of business activities expanded into project engineering services, manufacturing of technical equipment, as well as manufacturing and logistics-related consultancy services. The steady business growth led the company to expand its market reach. What was initially set up as a single client business – with Ferrari as its sole client – currently boasts a wide array of clients across multiple industries, such as Maserati, FAAC, Yaskawa, CNH, AVL, along with Ferrari itself.

Consequently, based on the need to provide a fully comprehensive service to its ever-growing client list of companies in a wide array of industries, G.Engineering decided to upgrade and enhance its infrastructure. Thus, in addition to its headquarters in Turin, a new plant was opened in Modena in 2014, covering a total manufacturing area of 400 square metres, including a 150-square-metre office space, for the purposes of in-house manufacturing, assembly and testing of technical equipment..

Vision and innovation go hand in hand
with our technical expertise

Efficiency, development and ongoing research are the values our company philosophy is based on.

"G.Engineering was founded in 2012 as a specialized chassis and bodywork engineering company aiming at becoming a leader in the automotive industry by applying the extensive expertise and professionalism of its three founders. The activities the company has undergone over the past years have led to a thriving business focusing on further future development."

"Thanks to the reliability we have built throughout years of field experience on the market, there’s now every prospect of both successfully maintaining relationships with existing clients and further expanding on global markets and new industries, while carrying on with our long-established research, development and innovation projects we conduct in association with both the University of Turin and the University of Modena.”

Luigi Panunzio


At G.Engineering we are eager to further our market reach and rise to new challenges by expanding our partnership network.

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