Time and cost-effective processes enhance the overall project efficiency. G.Engineering offers a comprehensive range of strategic consultancy services aiming at developing projects by optimizing both the product performance and the use of resources.

Process Development

G.Engineering carries out analysis of existing projects and processes on a regular basis in order to assess potential risks, as well as to optimize the use of time, cost and resources. The same type of analysis is conducted when new BIW & Powertrain products are being developed and engineered.

Technical support at all stages of design engineering projects
  • Macro-feasibility studies
  • Project breakdown for assembly feasibility and tolerance study purposes
  • Analysis of standard stages
  • Product engineering
  • Breakdown of processes into macro-groups
  • Defining macro-stages
  • Arranging production takt time
  • Line layout drafting
  • Defining measurement reference points (RPS) and assembly systems
  • Tolerance chain analysis in accordance with the control plan
  • Defining type of equipment, quantity, reference and blocking points
  • Setting out and assessing fastener types
  • Moulding feasibility
  • Control plan drafting
  • Dimensional adjustment in all the product development stages
  • Drafting work stages and operation job cards
  • • Process FMEA
  • Project management activities
  • Continuing budget and product development monitoring
  • Managing project activities and relationships with suppliers
  • Automation

    Using the latest state-of-the-art technology, G.Engineering is well place to offer cutting-edge technical solutions in terms of specific equipment and tool manufacturing.

    Chassis and bodywork assembly
  • Product and technology application analysis
  • Cutting-edge designing and virtual simulation software for stages assessment
  • Assembly equipment
  • Geometric mapping through to target
  • Control gauges and templates
  • Turnkey assembly lines with automatic islands
  • Laser VIN marking on chassis
  • Moulds
  • Robotic grippers, cutting tools
  • Powertrain assembly
  • V8 engine assembly line
  • V12 engine tappet assembly equipment
  • Automated vision piston assembly inspection system
  • Universal cleaning system
  • Machined component parts assembly
  • Check valve assembly
  • Hydraulic actuator assembly
  • Gear and bearing assembly
  • Electric motor assembly
  • Two-speed power take-off system assembly line
  • Leak and flow testing equipment
  • Assembly shop equipment
  • Manual use
  • Semi-automatic use
  • Case studies

    With over 120 projects completed every year, we pride ourselves on having a number of success stories reflecting the professionalism and value of our services.

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